You don’t take a photograph, you make it.”
—Ansel Adams

Join a photo adventure: fun like a tour and educational like a workshop. A brand new way to explore the city for all beautiful image lovers.

You will sharpen your eye and know your camera better, whether you are a photographer or not. No more boring tourist snapshots: create memorable images!

Our crew of pro local photographers are dedicated to showing you how to achieve the perfect shots of the best spots in town.

Frequent Questions

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They are a bit of both. They are fun like tours and educational like workshops. We call them adventures. Our crew of pro local photographers will give you all the info you need to achieve the best shots in town. They also know the city very well and will show you the most photogenic spots.
Have you ever taken a photo in your life? Well, good news: you are a photographer! Our adventures are for anyone interested in discovering the city through photography. Regardless of your level you’ll have fun while you learn! Our goal is to help you create beautiful images for the rest of your life.
They are not for you if:
– you are a drive by shooter wanting to see as many locations as possible in no time taking average snapshots on the way
– you want a lecture on the city’s history from a guide while shooting pictures away
– you don’t want to walk or wait a little in order to get the ideal shot
– you don’t have any interest in photography whatsoever
Of course you do! The main purpose of our tours is to discover and have fun. We surely don’t judge and we will make sure we adapt our guidance to your skill level.
We spend everyday of our life scouting for locations and thinking about the best ways to photograph the city. We know what photographers want! We also know how to maximize your time and challenge your perspective. We helped many pros achieve their goals as you can read here. If you think you can do better we’d like to hear from you… we may as well hire you ;-)
Groups tours are international and gender mixed. As long as you can speak conversational English that’s enough. We have seen people from Japan and all over the world.
We run our Tokyo photography tours rain or shine. Plus, rain makes photos look good! Some of the best photography work out there is the result of dramatic weather. However, in case of typhoon we will be forced to cancel and we will do our utmost to reschedule or refund.
Using your credit card through Paypal secure server. Having a PayPal account is not necessary. We use this payment gateway because it is the most reliable and safest to handle transactions on the internet. We do not accept cash payment.
No. All participants are required to pay for their spot whether they take photos or not. This way we guarantee the quality of our tours. Besides, they are a feast for the eyes first.
For most tours any camera will do. We have seen amazing results even with smartphones! However we highly recommend a camera with manual overrides (those M,S,A,Tv,Av dials). This way you will fully appreciate the photographers’ tips and techniques. For night tours, manual settings are mandatory.

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